Empower - Educate - Celebrate

We empower children and adolescents to become whole and their unique selves through mental health awareness. By conducting psychoeducational programs, community outreach and events which aid in fostering health relationships, personal development and lifestyle changes. Our community initiatives include partnering with mental health agencies to raise awareness and support individuals in need. 

Like Gold is the name we use for our workshops and programming for the youth. We believe that all children are precious like gold and want to support in various ways with their social and emotional development. We have partnered with the Boys and Girls Club of Philadelphia to provide a psycholeducational girls group for ages 11-14. 

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By providing a non-judgemental environment, we are able to teach children and adolescents coping skills, better ways to deal with their anger and help them to improve their decision making.  Child therapist Philadelphia, We use an eclectic approach to assist children with happiness and equip them with the tools to better navigate their lives.