Suicide Prevention: For Children and Teens

It is hard to fathom what goes onin the minds of kids and teenagers. That’s why when children are suicidal, the family members are usually the last to know.

The rate of suicide among teenagers and children have increased over the years. Children who should be light and happy are now weighed down by a lot. The loss of someone close, discrimination, criticism or just plain depression resulting from low esteem. It is painful that children and suicide is mentioned in one sentence now more than ever.

The writings on the wall.

Parents should not dismiss any unusual or even usual adverseactions from their children. Unexplained outbursts, withdrawal from friends and family, unexplained moodiness and irritableattitudes. Questionable mark, injuries, secretive actions like covering of arms and wear caps even in the heat. These and a lot more are signs that your kid or teenager is going through some psychological problems.

In an ostrich move, some parents will wave these signs off as “just been silly.”In doing so, they lose the chance tosave these kids who can quickly go from depressed to suicidal.  The thought that children will attempt suicide is scary.

Preventing suicide among kids and teens.

Onesignificantway to prevent suicide in children is by being observant.

Observation helps you as a parent to notice subtle yet essentialchanges in your kids.

Other ways include:

  • By being supportive of them. Especially when they are facing new situations.
  • Being encouraging. Help them to take new and bold steps
  • Encourage them to talk to you. Kids find it out to open up to their parents. Treating them as friends is one of the easiest ways to get them talking.
  • Listen and do not condemn them when they share their fears. Do not criticize them for mistakes. Do not show you doubt them.
  • Seek professional help for them. Child and teen therapy will help the healing process. The earlier, the
  • Do not be in denial. In a bid to hide from our worst fears, as parents, we tend to choose denial over reality.
  • Handle cases of abuse (sexual or discriminatory) calmly. Yelling will only cause them to withdraw from you.
  • Do not ever dismiss their claims. It sounds silly? Do not laugh at them. Work hand in hand with a sensitive therapist to handle the situation.

There are so many causes for suicide among kids and teenagers, and we cannot exhaust them all.The simplesttool for preventing suicideamong children is to be observant of changes in them and to follow up these changes.

Finding out the causeis another way to help the depression from escalating to suicide.

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