Self-Esteem and Black Teen Girls

Self-Esteem and Black teen Girls

Let’s talk about self-esteem.

Your self-esteem is the ability to be confident in your skills and in yourself. Self-esteem is what makes you dare to defy society’s limitations of you. It is what makes you fight for what you deserve. Self-esteem is powerful, and for black teenage girls, we must teach them how to wield this power.

Educating our girls on self-worth, confidence and self-advocacy are important things for them to know. A lot of teenagers give into peer pressure or engage in things they do not want to because they are unsure of how to be assertive or advocate for themselves. When a girl realizes their self-worth, they will become unstoppable.

It is important to remind our black girls: You are good enough. You are talented. You deserve to get the best of things if you work for it. You deserve the opportunities. You are great.

Dear Parents,

Do we ever wonder why we have young teenagers experience low self-esteem? Do we see these adolescents and wonder where their confidence has gone?

When we allow society to put limitations on teenage black girls and teenagers in general, putting them down, their self-esteem will be battered.

We owe it to these young women to teach them self-worth. We owe it to them to teach them how to build up their self-esteem.

Society can be harsh and unyielding to the young black woman, forcing her to believe that she is not worth much. It forces her to think her hair and skin is not beautiful. It makes her believe that she is not good enough. So, she walks through life, believing the lies of society and spends most of her life trying to blend with society’s standards.

This is where you come in. It is your job to teach her the importance of her hair, her skin, and her dreams. She must know her worth and the validity of her dreams. You have to let her know that her self-esteem is her amour against negativity.

Some of the ways we can protect black girls and their self-esteem are:

Use positive affirmations

Keep a journal

Encourage them to have relationships with people who support them

Talk about their feelings

The self-esteem of teenagers is essential. It is something that has to be taken seriously. These adolescents have to be taught that self-love is the most important love one can have.

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