Parenting during a Pandemic

Parenting During a Pandemic


This past year, many things were turned upside down due to the Coronavirus pandemic. One thing that has taken a hard hit during this year is parenting. Due to the new rules and regulations, there were a lot of business and school closures. Since then, parents had to adapt their parenting styles quickly because of how fast COVID-19 was spreading. It was an unusual situation for children not to see their friends and parents not being able to go into the workplace. Everyone is together 24/7 and do not have much time for themselves. A lot of social activities were canceled which does not allow anyone to have fun or relax. Having to navigate working from home, as well as helping children with their virtual learning, on top of just everyday life, has become stressful for some. To have your routine interrupted and changed overnight is enough to cause stress. There are some things parents can do to take care of themselves and make the routines at home as smooth as possible.


Tips for Self-care and Parenting During The Pandemic
  1. Take a deep breath. It is hard to take a step back when things get chaotic, but it is necessary for parents to find a minute for themselves to relax and reflect. We often don’t realize how much we need 5 minutes to ourselves until we actually take it.

  2. Take care of yourself. Try to do something for yourself that makes you happy or helps to relax you. Watching your favorite movie, taking a quick walk, or even reading a good book can mentally give you the break that you need. You have to make sure you’re doing well before you can really take care of someone else.

  3. Connect with other parents. Going through a rough situation alone can take its toll on anyone. Connecting with other parents and asking, or giving advice could be beneficial. Having that support group during a time like this can help you navigate parenting roadblocks during the pandemic.

  4. Try to keep a routine. Everything we do has been altered in some way due to the pandemic. Keeping a routine is important because it helps to keep the uncertainty and chaos outside of the home. Try keeping bedtimes the same, create a schedule for chores and even homework. Having some type of order can keep things as normal as possible.

  5. Special family time. Even though you’ve been home with your family due to the pandemic, it isn’t the same as spending quality time together. Make it a point to have a special movie or game night. Asking everyone to help cook could be a great bonding experience as well. Making sure the time spent together is having a positive impact, is what’s important.

  6. Get creative. If you’re helping your child with their school work at home, get creative! Come up with fun ways to help them understand a lesson they may not understand. Make the learning environment exciting for them. Set up an area in the home that resembles a classroom. Even rewarding your child for doing a great job on an assignment, could make a great impact on them. Keeping things exciting, especially with school, is very important during times when things have been uncertain and scary for children.

This year has taught everyone a lot about themselves, especially when it comes to parenting. The pandemic has taught all of us how to adapt under extreme circumstances. The way we parent has become stronger because of it. Remembering to make time for yourself, as well as spending quality time with your children during times like these is crucial. You cannot pour into someone else when you’re not full. It is important to understand that we may not be able to control what is happening in the outside world, but we can try our best to make our home life as normal as possible.

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