Bibliotherapy for Kids

Bibliotherapy for Kids   Bibliotherapy is a great way for children to work through their toughest moments by bonding with a literary character. Bibliotherapy allows a child to read a book of your, or their, choosing that has a character with a common problem. This kind of therapy will show the child that they are …read more →

Positive Parenting

Positive Parenting   Positive parenting can look different for every parent, and we all understand that no parent is perfect. Striving every day to make sure we parent in a positive way can be beneficial to both you and your child over the course of your relationship. Positive parenting focuses on disciplining and raising your …read more →

ADHD and Executive Functioning in Kids

ADHD and Executive Functioning in Kids   Executive functioning is what helps us to remember important things, managing multiple tasks at a time and focus on those tasks that we are managing. Children are not born with executive functioning, but they are very much capable of learning these different skills throughout their development. Executive functioning …read more →

Depression in Children

Depression in Children   Depression disorder is something that can affect anyone from any background. It does not discriminate when it comes to age or gender. While a light has been shined on depression more in the last few years, it wasn’t always openly discussed. Depression could come with the stigma of someone being crazy, …read more →

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder in Children

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder in Children   Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is caused by traumatic events that have occurred in someone’s life. It could be anything from experiencing abuse, to losing an important friend or family member. Traumatic events like these can sometimes have a long-term effect on someone and the way they behave. With children, …read more →

Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD)

Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD)   Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD) is a disorder that can cause significant behavioral changes in your child. Although difficult to manage, it isn’t something that is impossible. It is also something that a parent or child doesn’t have to deal with alone. Recognizing the symptoms and seeking the resources you need …read more →

Suicide in Children

Suicide in Children   Over the last decade, the rate of suicide in children as young as 5 years old has increased. Suicide is the second leading cause of death in children in the United states. Children can be affected tremendously by their surroundings, especially when they are living in unhealthy environments. These situations can …read more →

Social Emotional Learning in the Summer

Social-Emotional Learning in the Summer   Social-emotional learning (SEL) equips children with the tools they need to cope with life stressors, problem-solve and maintain healthy relationships. SEL helps to build these skills along with encouraging kindness and empathy. This type of learning fosters a positive and safe foundation for children to build and nurture positive …read more →

LGBTQ+ Youth and Mental Health

LGBTQ+ Youth and Mental Health   The LGBTQ+ community has strength and resilience because of the many hardships they have endured over the years. Acceptance has been a major issue for the community, not just from strangers but even their own families. Members of the LGBTQ+ are more likely to experience issues with mental health …read more →