Supporting Black Owned Businesses

A list of Black Owned-Businesses in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas (last updated 06-13-2020): Black and Nobel 410 South Street, (215) 965-1559, Uncle Bobbie’s Coffee & Books 5445 Germantown Avenue, (215) 403-7058, Cultured Couture Vintage 2639 W. Girard Avenue, Perfectly Flawless Boutique 5312 Germantown Avenue, (267) 269-1986 Philadelphia Diamond Company 421 Chestnut …read more →

Telemental Health for Kids

With an increasing need for mental health services for children it should be no surprise that clinicians are getting creative in making therapy more accessible. Telemental health or telehealth can be define as psychological counseling and support via  email, video conferencing, online chat, or call. Telemental health It has been around for many years and is …read more →

Self-Esteem and Black Teen Girls

Self-Esteem and Black teen Girls Let’s talk about self-esteem. Your self-esteem is the ability to be confident in your skills and in yourself. Self-esteem is what makes you dare to defy society’s limitations of you. It is what makes you fight for what you deserve. Self-esteem is powerful, and for black teenage girls, we must …read more →

The Winter Blues

Winter is usually associated with Christmas and the start of a new year, which is literally the season to be jolly. The general atmosphere of the season is celebratory, filled with excitement. This is why it can be a bit strange when kids who should be excited suddenly begin to exhibit symptoms of depression. Medically, …read more →

Mental Health & Summer Break

HOW TO DEAL WITH MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES IN THE SUMMER. Summer is usually a break from routines and structure. This comes as a relief to kids as the thoughts of playing outdoors and no homework are exciting. Unfortunately, the break from the structure can pose a threat for parents who have children with mental health …read more →

ADHD and how therapy can help

HELPING YOUR CHILD WITH ADHD.   Children and adolescents with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder  also known as ADHD struggle with inattention more than the average child.  ADHD is a mental health disorder where a person’s brain activity and development are slightly different from normal brain functioning and results in a delayed development in 5 brain …read more →

Anxiety in Teens

ANXIETY IN TEENS   The feeling you get on your first day of high school or when you are standing in front of a full class, is anxiousness. For adolescents, it is normal to be a little anxious when facing new things. Anxiety becomes a problem when it is constantly triggered by a particular situation(s). …read more →

Self-Care Tips for Parents

5 self-Care Tips for Parents. Being a parent is a full-time job. Unfortunately, parenting does not feed the kids. Parents have to work hard to support their families. Throughout this process, most parents start to neglect themselves and their self-care. Over time, parents have succeeded in convincing themselves that the life they want is somewhere …read more →

The Effects Of Bullying

  The problem of bullying in schools and playgrounds isn’t so much of a new thing these days – even considering the overreaching effects which come with these brash shoves and hurtful words said to teenagers in school halls. Psychological experts have noted continuously that bullying has a lasting effect on the psychology of teenagers …read more →