5 Signs that your Child may need Therapy

Therapy is a word people usually associate with adults. This is why the term “child therapy” leaves some parents cold. Some parents do not readily accept the thought or idea that a child should see a therapist. Child therapy is often misconstrued to seem like the child has abnormalities.

Psychological issues do not start in a day. The majority of the mental health problems escalate because they are not noticed in time. In children, it is easy to dismiss the need for therapy. Sometimes children displaying signs of psychological issues are dismissed as “growing up or puberty” problems.

Therapy is not abnormal.

The thought that only children with health abnormalities require therapy is an erroneous thought.

Children experience a lot of things that usually leave them scared and needing therapy.

In every person’s life there are events that leaves marks. Good or bad. When events that leaves a bad memory occur, a scared child is usually part of the causalities. Without therapy, some children grow up hurting.

Does your child need therapy? Five signs you should look out for.

A lot of kids are shy. When they experience traumatic events, they will most clamp up and keep it to themselves. Unfortunately, this results in covered up scars.

As parents, we mustwatch our kids closely to see if they exhibit any of these signs below.

  1. Abnormal show of anxiety and moodiness

A certain level of anxietyis normal. Kids get moody from time to time. When a usually active and bright child suddenly becomes moody regularly, this is a clear warning sign that something is wrong. Children who are typicallyopen will get anxious around people who hurt them.

  1. Withdrawal from people and normal activities

Abright,playful child will close up from friends and family when they have had a bad experience. They will lose interest in any of their favorite activities.

  1. Negative talk and outlook

Statements like “I do not belong here,”“I wish dead,”“I am not good enough,”“no one cares” are clues that your child is hurting and needs to talk to someone. Take them to a child therapist.

  1. Self-destructive habits/self-inflicted harm

There is one of the common signs of among kids and adult. Wrist slashing, hair pulling, deepnails biting, inflicting wounds on oneself. These are clear indications that something is wrong and that the child needs some therapy.

  1. Anger and quick outbursts.

When they are hurting, andyou are not noticing, some kids will lash out. Some parents will chalk it up to a growing phase or bad behavior. It is vital that you make an effort tofind the causeof the anger issues before jumping to conclusions.

Take your child for child therapy if you notice any of the above signs.  You have a high chance of helping them heal.

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